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Everything we do at Elaine Dee is underpinned by our core value of being K I N D, kind to people and kind to the planet. Being kind to people, is valuing the skilled makers behind every garment and also giving back wherever possible. Much of being kind to the planet is creating pieces of value, pieces that are treasured and that have a long life, pieces that are worth mending and altering, and passing on to the next generation and that have minimal impact.

We believe in buying once and buying well. A focus on quality and longevity rather than quantity and trends.

Here are a few things we are currently doing at Elaine Dee to help us be K I N D. We understand that this space will ever be evolving, as we continue to learn and research about new ways to be kind, particularly in relation to the planet, but the following are the things we are implementing right now. As we learn and grow, we want to incorporate and DO a lot more.

Use of natural fibres

Predominantly sourcing 100% natural fibres wherever possible. Not only do these luxurious fabrics feel better against the skin, but because of its natural derivation it will be easier for the garment to breakdown at the end of its lifecycle.
We predominantly source dead stock fabric, and failing that, we source organic and/or sustainable fabric. Dead stock fabric is left over fabric that is no longer required by other brands and that would otherwise be discarded.

Producing locally

We support and work with our local artisans by designing, sampling, and producing in Melbourne. We produce limited runs to minimise waste.

Minimising waste

At every stage of the design process, we are always evaluating how we can minimise waste. We are constantly iterating to create patterns that use the fabric in the most efficient way.    

All of our garments are packed in recyclable and/or biodegradable and compostable packaging and is delivered to you using a 100% carbon neutral service.

Designed to age and change with you

We want our garments to have the ability to age with you. Changing body shapes is just the beauty of living a full and wonderful life, but we also want our clothes to come along for the ride too. During the design phase, we are constantly thinking about how we can make clothes more comfortable and versatile. This is achieved by designing garments that naturally have a bit of give (like using elastic, the use of bias cut or the use of a wrap detail) and for all the other more fitted garments we have provided some extra tolerance in the seam allowances to allow for small alterations in the future. We also endeavour to enclose some offcuts of fabric with your garment, so that you have the ability to mend the garment and ultimately increase the longevity of the garment. 

Giving back

We proudly support Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife (FNPW) who are a non-government organisation with a mission to safeguard Australia's ecosystems, wilderness, and flora and fauna now and for future generations. We take so much from this beautiful planet, so at Elaine Dee we want to give back where we can and donate one percent of every sale to FNPW.