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Elaine Dee is effortless style that exudes a quiet confidence. Constantly exploring in pursuit of that unique point of view. Balancing creativity and the need for longevity, our DNA is to create timeless pieces with a contemporary twist.


We are a womenswear label based in Melbourne. Designed by women. Made for women.


It’s the careful considerations of proportions, complimentary silhouettes, details and lines that ensure our designs are compatible with the lifestyle of our modern woman. Our designs are grounded in the context of considering ‘wearability’, the life cycle of the garment, ease of caring for your garment and most importantly versatility. We want our pieces to work hard for you and last the test of time. This means that our pieces can only be made by the most skilled hands and from only the highest quality materials. They are intended to be worn from day to night, weekday to weekend, or from event to “non-event”.


Elaine Dee is founded on a really simple ethos of being kind – kind to people and kind to our planet. This translates into slowing fashion down, going at our own pace, producing limited runs in an effort to reduce waste, not sticking to the fashion calendar, using deadstock fabric, sourcing natural fibres wherever possible and producing ethically and locally.